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Venus Fly Trap Venus Fly Trap $59.95 Rotten Gift Card Rotten Gift Card $10.00 Blood Orange Blood Orange $59.95 Blood Money Blood Money $59.95 Murder Weapon Murder Weapon $69.95 Corpse Flower Corpse Flower $59.95 Stink Badger Stink Badger $59.95 Rotten Essence Rotten Essence $69.95 Funky Fumes Funky Fumes $69.95 Eau de Skunk Eau de Skunk $69.95 Odor No. 9 Odor No. 9 $69.95 Vile Vapor Vile Vapor $69.95 Stale Stench Stale Stench $69.95 Foul Mist Foul Mist $69.95 Fragrance Fiasco Fragrance Fiasco $69.95 Lethal Allure Lethal Allure $69.95 Pungent Petals Pungent Petals $69.95 Stench Blossom Stench Blossom $69.95 Rotten Badger Rotten Badger $59.95 Rotting Turtle Rotting Turtle $59.94 Create your Rotten sample set Create your Rotten sample set $2.95


Don't Take Our Word For It! Here's What Our Customers Think:

Guinevere M.
Rotting Turtle EDP

It smells amazing. I only bought it because, you know, Simon. But I'll actually wear it.

Juan G.
Corpse Flower

Hard to pinpoint but I'd say it has strong pine notes and a soft floral, almost fruity finish. Kinda strong out of the bottle but well balanced when on skin. I'm sure someone's own musk will be complimented nicely by it..

Joshua R.
Blood Orange

At first it's like dragons blood incense and sweet tarts with a nice musk then it's kinda like blood orange. Very pleasant ...

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